O&M Company, Singapore, will open 1800 vacancies

Keppel Corporation (Offshore and maritime conglomerate-O&M) plans to employ about 1800 people this year, equivalent to the 17% increase in the company's workforce. This is the first time the company has opened its doors to the labor market since 2015, when it went through a process of mass dismissal.

The company reduced its workforce by 25,400 (beginning 2015) to 10,843 workers (currently). This scenario was a consequence of the decline in oil prices in the previous year and the oversupply of global drilling rigs.

Now, the demand has been resumed and reflecting positively on the economic recovery of the company. "With the expected increase in workflow as well as preparing us for resumption, we are looking to add our offshore and maritime workforce this year," said Keppel CEO Loh Chin Hua in the company's results report.

About Keppel Corporation
Keppel Corporation is a conglomerate of the offshore and maritime sectors (O&M), headquartered in Singapore. Keppel is comprised of several affiliated businesses in the O&M sectors that involve, among them, the construction and repair of marine platforms, repair and conversion of ships and specialized shipbuilding.

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