Coronavirus may impact operations, says Petrobras

In a report called 20-F, which has detailed information and must be delivered annually by companies with papers traded on U.S. stock exchanges, Petrobras said that the coronavirus pandemic could cause restrictions on the company, such as the impact on operation of some of its facilities, in some results and in the financial condition of the state.

"Public health epidemics such as the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) can cause restrictions on the health of our workforce and therefore impact the operation of some of our facilities, including platforms, refineries, terminals, among others. This condition can have a negative impact on our results and financial condition," the company said.

Last week, Petrobras had already reported that it had requested banks to disburse its proposed revolving credit lines of about US$8 billion to strengthen its liquidity amid the pandemic. In addition, the company also postponed the receipt of binding offers for the sale of refineries and their respective logistics assets, due to coronavirus prevention measures. 


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