Course offers training on special regimes in the oil and gas sector

ABIMAQ promotes course on special regimes in the oil and gas sector

Recently the Federal government has introduced modifications in the special Regime Repetro, extending it for the supply of machinery and equipment for the oil and gas sector, former plea of the Brazilian Association of Machinery and equipment industry (ABIMAQ ) and which has become designated as Repetro-Sped.

Now the associated companies can also benefit from the Repetro tax incentives, formerly restricted to oil companies, shipyards and large contractors.

With the aim of empowering professionals to properly apply the new legislation, ABIMAQ promotes, on the 25th of June, in Sao Paulo, the ' Repetro Sped for national suppliers ' training.

Being geared towards the national manufacturers of machinery and equipment, the training is intended for executives, directors, administrators, consultants, lawyers and customs dispatchers and will be taught by the engineer Gláucio Bastos, fiscal auditor of Federal revenue from Brazil 20 years ago, specialist in Repetro.


Programmatic content:

Module I

  • Concept and purposes;

-The definition and application of the scheme

  • Modalities

– New forms of admission to the Regime versus generic temporary admission

  • Application

– Covered situations and admissible goods

  • Procedures and document flow;

– Qualification, concession, import order, extension and extinction

  • Restrictions

– Deadlines, fiscal controls, infractions and penalties

  • Operational facilities;

– Drawback, export with Eloquentia output, shared use of goods, output of goods from operation


Module II

-Case study: Controversial situations and the prevailing understanding
The role of the national supplier of equipment and services;
Market aspects, including reflections of the ANP's new round of bids and Local content;
Refusal of admission to the scheme with referral of the goods to dispatch of consumption;
Differences between the well-admitted and the one presented for the extinction of the scheme;
Occurrences subject to the application of fine by timelessness in the fulfilment of deadlines;
The Customs warehousing procedure applied to the construction platforms and their shipyards;
Incidence of IRPJ on consignments abroad for payment of charter of platforms;
VAT collection by States; Other situations involving customs procedures.

Module III

– Regency Legislation

Quote of the legal norms that discipline and regulate the repetro.



' Sped Repetro for national suppliers '

Date: June 25th

Time: 9am to 6pm

Location: Headquarters ABIMAQ SP-Avenida Jabaquara, 2925 (near the station Saint Judas of the subway)

Contact Phone: (11) 5582-6321/5703



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