COVI-19: Enel reinforces action plan in hospitals

The energy company, Enel Brasil, strengthened its service to hospitals and health posts during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Among the measures of the action plan are the inspection of the circuits (distribution networks of preventive maintenance of equipment that serves hospitals and hospitals. health posts and the verification of the power grid in places that will be transformed into hospitals, such as stadiums.

In Rio de Janeiro, for example, 77 circuits and installed 66 equipment. In addition, all the prefectures of the company's concession company have already been notified to inform them of the need to connection of new buildings and construction projects. As in São Paulo, hospitals in the region, the Pacaembu stadium and the Exhibition Pavilion of the Anhembi were also inspected.

In the state of Goiás, 29 systems were implemented that operate without the need for human intervention in the circuits that serve Hospital. In addition, more than 270 hospital units and attention to COVID-19 were registered in a sector of monitoring occurrences emergency services of the distributor.