Customers don't take advantage of a discount on the electricity bill

Almost 195,000 low-income consumers in Paraíba have the right to The Social Electric Energy Tariff (TSEE), but do not use the Benefit. The measure offers a 10 to 65% discount on the energy bill and today, 427,818,000 people in the state enjoy the proceeds.

The discount offered varies depending on the consumption of the Client. In Energisa Paraíba alone, 176,505 users are eligible for the benefit, while Energisa Borborema has a number of 18,238, closing a total of 194,743 consumers who may be part of the project but who do not registered.

The program was created by the Federal Government in 2002 and is for participants in the Single Register (Single Cad), and may include families with per capita monthly income of up to half a minimum wage and consumption of up to 220 kWh (kilowatt-hour). In addition, they are entitled to benefit families with disease or disability under going to be treated using appliances that consume electricity, and income of up to three minimum wages, or families who have a member favoured by the Continued Benefit of Social Assistance (BPC).


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