Decision withdraws oil Auction blocks

The CNPE (National Energy Policy Council) published last Wednesday, August 1, the changes made by the Federal government in the oil production and export auction planned to take place in 2019. The amendments determine the withdrawal of land basins in the 16th round of bidding under concession.

According to the resolution, the blocks excluded from the auction are located in the land basins of the Solimões (Sector SSOL-C) and appeared (Sectors SPRC-L and O), and in the areas of Sergipe-Alagoas, concave, Potiguar and Holy Spirit.

That way, the blocks that can still be delivered to private capital, are those of the basins of Pernambuco-Paraíba (Sector SPEPB-AP3), Jacuípe (Sector SJA-AUP) and Camumu-Almada (Sector SCAL-AUP), of fields, deep water outside the Subsalt polygon (sectors AUP3 and AUP4) and of Santos (Sector SS-AUP5).

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