Deforestation impacts energy

For the second consecutive year, the deforestation rate continues to rise. The factor harms the ecosystem and influences the volume of water received by the plants. The Amazon being in danger also means a risk to hydroelectric plants, which is the most widely used energy source in the country and reflects on the increase in tariff flags.

The country went through something similar in the midst of the drought scenario, which, along with infrastructure problems in the electricity grid, caused the blackouts of 2001. With the scarcity in reservoir levels, the government ends up betting on thermal power plants, which is a more expensive and polluting alternative, besides also being responsible for the increase in energy tariffs.

"For the electricity sector, the fact that we should consider global warming and climate change within our analysis assessments has fallen," said Luiz Carlos Ciocchi, director general of the ONS (National Electric System Operator).

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