Director says: "oil comes from Venezuelan fields"

Petrobras Director of Corporate Affairs, Eberaldo Neto, said the analysis of 30 oil samples collected from northeastern beaches allowed us to conclude that it was extracted from three production fields in Venezuela. “The source of the leak is something else. We understand that it is on the Brazilian coast”, claimed the director.

The leak would have occurred in the Atlantic Ocean, in a region on the path of a marine current that comes from Africa and forks, following to the northern coast of the Northeast, on the one hand, and to Bahia and the Southeast, on the other, passing through the places where the oil has been collected.

Neto also highlighted the difficulties that the oil situation offers, as well as the fact that the oil sinks and proceeds to the coast in a layer below the surface of the sea, which makes it difficult to visualize it with overflights and satellites and also containment of it with barriers.

In addition, he said that in combating oil poisoning, the state-owned company will distribute individual protective equipment in communities in the Northeast so that volunteers can use the equipment and protect themselves.


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