Distributor adopts modern management practices

With 20 years of history, the ALE is the 4th largest distributor of fuel from Brazil. The company has a network of more than 2,000 jobs, dealers and generates approximately 15000 jobs, serving approximately of 5000 customers per month.

All that power has a structure that reinvents the consumer relationship with the service stations: there are more than 50 bases distributed all over the national territory, own fleet of about 224 trucks and administrative offices in Natal, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

The challenge

In the State capital, the team ALE aligns internal projects with the national strategy of the company. Focusing on the sense of priority in the delivery in due time, on cost and feasibility in the commitment with the quality, the ALE decided to expand their project management techniques.

Through parallel as controls the verbosity of requirements and change control trying to use good practices of PMBOK. However, we did not have a management system for archiving and documentation, as well as a well defined methodology, explains Gergely Cifuentes, project coordinator of ALECombustíveis.

To meet these needs, the Office has implemented the project management platform of Seed Intelligence Company-the NetProject – and all processes are now organized in an integrated and strategic. The adaptation was "expected by everyone on the team", emphasizes Gergely which continues:

It was a peaceful process, where we had the support of the team of Seed in the training and deployment of the tool.

The solution

Partner, Seed formatted custom methodology for managing projects and portfolios of Aleen, through customization and procedures aligned tool developments with periodic updates. Today, the company's practices are more adherent to the knowledge areas of PMBOK Guide and the information flow integrates teams with constant feedback.

With the project management office (PMO), we increased our credibility with the Office responsible in such a way that weekly are passed on the status report of the projects, says Arshad.

With the NetProject, the company implemented prioritization also calculated for feasibility analysis, the strategic distribution of activities, the efficient control of projects and productivity indicators, the identification of points of improvement and expansion of teamwork. According to the Coordinator, the best functionality of the platform is the Portfolio Explorer that allows the visualization of the whole project according to the parameters set by the user.

To monitor the project management, the ALE a information technology sector that defines and standardizes processes and documentation and search the best practices of PMBOK. The next step is the establishment of a PMO with strong, integrated and centralized management of the entire organization.

Thus, Aleen expanded the management of projects and maximize your results. The NetProject fit the profile of the company, offering the best cost-benefit and covering all the needs with a multifunctional platform.

The biggest advantage added by the use of the NetProject was the systematization of the project management process, by centralising all information in a single tool, finalizes Gergely Cifuentes.

Like the case of Aleen? Make a free tasting of NetProject and learn how the project management software of the Seed can make your goal a case of success!

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