Two British companies develop energy in Indonesia

Atlantis Resources Ltd. (Atlantis) and DCNS Energies two energy development companies based in the United Kingdom, announced agreements to develop marine energy in Indonesia.

Atlantis announced the signing of a preferential supply agreement with SBS International Ltd. (SBS) to provide turbines, engineering services and equipment for an array of flow in Indonesia. The energy generated by the project will be sold to the local state-owned company Perusahaan Listrik Negara, through a 25-year power purchase agreement.

DCNS already Energies signed a letter of intent with the company in the country, PT AIR, to provide a roadmap for the engineering, industrial development and commercial expansion of the energy industry tidal Indonesia.

DCNS Energies and PT AIR will match to analyze and evaluate the commercial and economic conditions necessary to build a tidal power industry. This will allow the two partners to develop a road map to ensure the creation of an Indonesian industry sustainable tides.


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