Oil and gas effects at sea are event themes

Last week, the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBIO) organized the planning workshop of the impact reduction plan for oil exploration and Natural Gas on Biodiversity (workshop PRIM-PGMar), to discuss broadly the Theme and consolidate a methodology of the selection of the biodiversity targets directly impacted by the oil activities, finding and making compatible the exploitation of the resource with the conservation.

During the workshop, the main impacts related to the activities of oil and natural gas were drawn as a risk of collision with vessels, degradation and loss of habitat, risk of introducing invasive alien species.

In the event, methods were also defined for the selection of conservation targets more sensitive to oil activity, including specific habitats, elements of fauna and flora and ecosystem services.

The meeting composes the process of elaboration of impacts reduction plans on the biodiversity of various species. The plan's proposal is to avoid, soften and compensate for the impacts of threats relevant to Brazilian biodiversity, such as terrestrial road infrastructure, hydroelectric power, mining, oil and gas.

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