Eletrobras Historical high score of 66% in shares

After broadcasting in the press about the news that the federal government accelerated the progress of a bill for the privatization of Eletrobras, the company's shares rose 4%, beating the historical maximum that already reaches more than 66% in 2019. The plan foresees the capitalization of the largest electric power distributor in Latin America, associated with new energy contracts for its hydroelectric plants.

The market reacted with optimism about the news, and the ordinary shares of the electric rose 3.99%, quoted at R $40.35, exceeding the historical maximum registered to R $39.82 on February 27 this year. The differential roles had a high of 3.88% (R $40.70), which did not hit the R $40.79 of February, but at the maximum of the day the assets came to beat this level (R $40.85), which is also the largest ever achieved.

The capitalization plan that is being formulated by the current Bolsonaro government is similar to its predecessor, by Michel Temer. For Rodrigo Maia, president of the House of Deputies, it is difficult for the project to be approved in the current moment by the National Congress. The expectation is that the process of de-nationalization of Eletrobras starts shortly after the vote of the pension reform.

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