Workers, companies and the Brazil forward oil recovery

As the Offshore Panorama comes out, the oil crisis in the world, the so-called "black gold" lost your recovery on the market. The question in Brazil was aggravated due to political and financial crisis, along with the disclosure of cases of corruption and misuse of funds released on car wash operation, Federal Police.

Such presuming brutally Petrobras, causing the large employer and investor in the country, had to sell part of its shares, thus reducing your headcount. Beyond that, small, medium and large companies that depended on oil and its derivatives were forced to close their doors, and lay off employees.

Another factor of disappointment fell on Rio de Janeiro, which with the fall in oil prices, and consequently reducing the royalties, turned out to have your financial crisis aggravated. The reduction in product prices and the fall of Petrobras ' projects affected the supply chain and, with it, the collection with ICMS fell in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, the recent change in local content rules can be an aggravating factor for reducing future signings of national and local workers, since the investment in national goods and services can be reduced.

However, if we make an analogy, no one stops like a rose on behalf of their spines, they serve as protection and even strengthening of the flower is not even. That's why, amid such "tragedy" for the national economy, "good riddance" seem to flourish. That's because there's still an expectation regarding the revision of standards of local content, as well as grow the yearning for the return of foreign investment in the lands and seas "brazucas", which will strengthen the economy and increase the offer of employment in the country.

Looking at the long term, the feeling is that the country went to the bottom and is resurfacing and recovery expectations more each day of show. A show is the production records of Petrobras in recent months compared to last year has enough numbers recovered. In addition, several companies have made plans to resume investments in 2018, especially with the proximity of the next ANP bid round.

There are even those who make their bets in areas that will provide the first signs of heating, while the effective hiring in the sector of oil and gas does not resume the breath. Keep watching the Panorama Offshore. Here, you get a lot of information about everything that happens in the market of oil, gas, energy, fuel, gasoline, pre-salt, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Remember: your business. Check out:


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