Enel should invest 4 billion euros in Brazil

The Italian company Enel has launched a strategic plan that provides investments of up to 4 billion euros in Brazil between the years 2019 to 2021. The bilionary injection in the national territory will be destined for the distribution of energy (2.2 billion euros), generation of renewable sources (1.6 billion euros) and energy services and solutions (200 million euros). Currently, the company is the largest energy distribution group in the country.

Enel should also invest approximately 750 million euros in Eletropaulo, a company responsible for the expansion of Italian in the Brazilian market, which currently has about 17 million customers, generating R $5.5 billion profit to the company only in the first semester This year. According to the company's global president, Francesco Starace, the goal is to concentrate on the restructuring and modernization of the São Paulo Distributor.

According to information from the company, the expectation is that up to 2021, 62% of the energy produced by Enel will be with zero gas emissions, in contrast to 48% of 2018. In addition to being a leader in solar and wind power production in Brazil, the Italian controls the supply of electricity in São Paulo (Eletropaulo), Ceará (Coelce) and Rio de Janeiro (AMPLA).

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