Wind power can have 10% royalties

The National Congress has advanced in discussions on the proposal that lays down 10% royalties on the production of wind-generated energy, the famous wind. The demand arose from an appeal from the Northeast bench that justifies the wind mills already account for more than 50% of all electricity.

The constitutional amendment of Deputy Heraclitus Forts (PSB-PI) will make the winds as public well of the Union, i.e. liable to collect. The text provides an aliquot of 10%, which will be primarily destined for the states and municipalities with plants. The PEC is to be voted in the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ).

Investors in the oil, gas and energy sector are opposed to the proposal. According to them, the winds are infinite resources and no socio-environmental impacts, which would limit competition with other energy sources such as petroleum. The installations of the turbine towers, which would generate energy throughout the Northeast, are also being used as artifices against the project, since wind farms would occupy vast areas with equipment and tourism could suffer irreparable damage.

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