Leveraging offshore wind power in the country

According to the report of the Global Wind Energy Council in 2018 (GWEC), the use of wind energy to electricity generation reached 539 GW in Brazil. However, less than 20 GW are used in the offshore segment. Even Europe, the largest hub for current offshore capacity, holds only 8% of the generation capacity Renewable.

One of the main causes of this scenario are the risks: the sea area is still a harsh environment with all its waves and storms, the which requires good special equipment capable of supporting adverse situations. In addition, the possible impact on marine life is still a worrying factor for professionals in the middle.

However, it has already been proven that Brazil has great potential for offshore wind energy. Institutes such as the Energy Research Company (EPE), the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and some other entities have been conducting studies to define the energy potential of the country. Knowing that the territory has about 7,367 km of coastline, in addition to an extensive continental shelf, trade winds present in the northeast region of the country of constant intensity and direction, it is concluded that the country has the characteristics necessary for this type of power generation. The forecast is that by 2050 the offshore wind evolves, then leveraging Brazil together in the Category.


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