Offshore wind power stands out more and more in the U.S.

According to the assessment of global energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, investments in offshore wind energy in the United States are expected to reach US$78 billion (416 billion reais) this decade, in contrast to the projection of US$82 billion (437 billion reais) that should be invested in fossil fuel projects.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), there are 28 offshore wind power projects under planning in the country, mostly on the east coast, from the state of Massachusetts to Virginia. In addition, there are also 15 commercial licenses for offshore wind power exploration in the U.S., with the potential to generate approximately 25 gigawatts of power.

“The transfer of investments to offshore wind farms is due to a drop in the amount of usable space on land, with the growing number of homeowners and communities opposing the facility,” said Annie Hawkins, executive director of the U.S. Alliance for Responsible Offshore Development (Roda).

“From an environmental point of view, there is a limited amount of space that can be developed reasonably without significant impacts on ocean ecosystems and the existing ocean resource-based economy,” he added.


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