Empire of Eolica Offshore energy in the UK

The UK is a pioneer in eolica offshore energy, where the source is responsible for nearly one-tenth of the electricity supplied between the English. Thus, it houses the largest wind farm in the world, the Walney Extension, off the coast of the Accombria, in the Irish Sea, England.

The Walney Extension area is equivalent to approximately 20000 football fields, and has a capacity of 659 MegaWatts, enough to bring power to around 590,000 homes. The park uses less than half of the amount of turbines used by the last park that was previously considered the largest on the planet, the London Array, and is still titled the most potent at the global level. This factor draws attention and highlights the importance of technological advances in the offshore sector.

A survey by The British newspaper The Guardian in 2018 pointed out that of the top ten wind farms in the world, seven are from the UK. And the tendency is for the British to grow even more in the offshore wind market, given that, in the same year, the English Parliament undertook to carry out auctions with subsidies for clean energy every two years.

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