Eneva will dispute energy auction in the northeast

In order to enable a new project to expand thermoelectric plants in the Parnaíba Basin (MA), Eneva assesses the possibility of competing for the government’s energy auction (A-6), which takes place on October 18 in the northeast.

Eneva, which entered into operation in October 2007, is responsible for the operation of the Parnaíba complex – one of the largest thermal parks of natural gas generation in the country – and operates, today, about 1.8 gigawatt in the region’s Mills, investing about 100 million of R Year in gas exploration.

This week alone, it took six blocks to land gas exploration in the region, bidding by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), claiming that this way would guarantee more additional reserves for its future expansion on site.

Lino Cançado, director of exploration and production of the company, said that the basin has a thermoelectric vocation: “Whether it be the existence of gas, or the ease of connection points to the electrical system”.

In relation to the A-6 auction, the director spoke about the calling “cycle lock” of a plant that is already in operation in the region, increasing about 80 megawatts in capacity.

Eneva accepted the proposal to pay 3.5 million reais in signing bonuses for the blocks and concession contracts must be signed by February 2020.

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