Eni announces successful well of Mexican oil Amoca-2

The multinational oil Eni drilled successfully Amoca-2, in the shallow waters of the Bay of Campeche offshore Mexico, confirming the presence of oil at different levels. The Amoca-2 well is located 200 km to the west of Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche Bay in depth of 25 m of water.

The well reached a total depth of 3500 meters and encountered 110 meters of mineralization oil in different sandy layers of Pliocene age, quality reservoir, of which about 65 meters in new and deeper levels had not yet been achieved . The well confirmed the presence of oil at 18 ° API in shallower horizons, while new deep layers of sand containing light oil of excellent quality. The volumes are being evaluated, but the first results already show a greater potential for the original estimates.

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