Estonia receives energy guidance from the IEA

On a regular basis, the International Energy Agency (IEA, Provides a thorough analysis of the energy policies of the Its member countries. The methodology aims to support the development of the Territories, And this is the first diagnosis that Estonia has received since it joined the IEA in 2014.

According to the institution, Estonia is ahead of a large Transition that will cause substantial change in the role of shale produced in its Energy mix. Among all the IEA countries, Estonia is one of the most Their energy supply comes mostly from shale of oil produced in the region. However, if on the one hand this autonomy has its Positive side, on the other hand, gives the country the largest amount of carbon in Comparison to all other members of the IEA.

In this way, the agency produced a detailed report Discusses the challenges faced by Estonia and offers possible solutions for Help them achieve safer and more sustainable energy. Among the Guidance is encouraging the production of wind energy, as it is a matrix Costs and meets the need on a large scale, in addition to having had good Progress in its implementation since 2015 by the country.

The country’s biggest challenge now for obtaining cleaner energy is the transport area. Today, this Estonian sector is one of the biggest responsible for local pollution and has no predictions of meeting the goals set in the short term. The IEA has then recommended an energy taxation analysis of fuels to better reflect the carbon landscape. All recommendations made by the International Energy Agency for Estonia can be verified through this link.

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