American stocks TIP oil barrel price

Amid worries with high stocks and American petroleum production, the price of the barrel negotiated in London and new York has recorded fall. The barrel of Brent for January negotiated on ICE, in London, fell 0.36%, worth us $61.65, while the barrel of WTI for delivery in December, negotiated in the Nymex in new York, retreated 0.25%, going us $55.19.

The reserves in the country have advanced 1.9 million barrels, against the expected fall of 2.2 million barrels. The United States crude oil stocks once again come to play "water in the pint" of OPEC and investors, who have been getting positive news about the price elevation of the barrel for weeks.

With the expectation that OPEC maintains the extent of the production cuts, initiated in January of this year and with the end forecast for March next year, the last few weeks were being fairly prosperous in the recovery of the commodity. However, despite the fall, investors are still hopeful that this casualty will be fleeting and then the price of the barrel returns to rise.

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