Event Saddle partnership between United Kingdom and Brazil

The UK & Brazil: Partners in Energy will take place on June 4 at the Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The event will promote the launch between the United Kingdom and Brazil in the Prosperity Fund energy program in Brazil, in addition to having workshops on various topics involving the energy sector, being an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences in the area. Entry is free and registration must be made on the official website.

This year, the UK will launch the £25 million Prosperity Fund energy program in Brazil to support the country's low-carbon energy transition. The program represents a milestone in the energy relationship between the United Kingdom and Brazil, deepening and further expanding the relationship between countries.

The event schedule will provide eight simultaneous workshops in the morning and afternoon, with the participation of speakers from British and Brazilian companies, research centers and government agencies in the energy sector. The following issues will be addressed: biofuels and biogas; Offshore construction and maintenance; Offshore wind energy; Solar energy; Natural gas market; Innovations in electrical networks; Maximization of the production of mature fields/decommissioning; and underwater technologies.

About the event
UK & Brazil: Partners in Energy is an annual event that brings together British and Brazilian companies and government agencies, which aims to promote and strengthen the partnership between the United Kingdom and Brazil in the energy sector through the sharing of knowledge, practices and commercial exchange. The program aims to discuss the future of the market, its challenges and opportunities, in addition to obtaining an in-depth view of regulatory frameworks, new technologies and solutions in the area of common interest.

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