Explosion in gas company in Algeria

The fire began on Monday night and quickly propagated through the interior of the complex, near Orán, the second largest city in the country, after producing strong explosions, this Tuesday, the Algerian national radio said.

The source did not advance explanations of the possible cause of the deflagrations or the scope of material damage, advancing that four people were severely injured, but that there were no deaths.

The specialized firefighters have been sent to the area, but there is still no information as to whether the fire is completely extinct.

On the Internet, however, there are numerous videos filmed during the night, among which are widespread by the private television station ENNAHAR, in which you can observe the flames to consume one of the buildings.

Algeria is the tenth largest natural gas producer in the world and the sixth World exporter, the largest oil and gas supplier in the Iberian Peninsula.

In early June, Sonatrach and Portuguese Galp Energia signed a set of strategic agreements aimed at reinforcing the supply of Algerian natural gas to the domestic market.

In addition, the Medgaz pipeline, which leaves the Algerian desert and flows into the Spanish coastal city of Almeira, after crossing the Mediterranean, is one of the strategic energy arteries of Europe, being responsible for supplying 75% of the gas to the Continent.

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