Failure raises oil leak in the Campos Basin

A failure in a system of platform P-33, which operates to Petrobras in the Marlim field, in the Campos Basin, generated a small oil leak-only 28 liters, according to the State-at sea in recent days.

The information was given by the Union of oil tankers of Norte Fluminense (Sindipetro NF), reporting that the problem arose after the system that injects defoamer in oil separation process failed, causing the foam with presence of oil into atmospheric, separator to flare and were scattered on the deck and in the sea.

Later, he was sent a tug to do mechanical dispersion staining, picking up the water and oil and then jateá them back to sea, only to disperse the oil slick.

The Union took advantage of the incident to question the decisions of the State President, Pedro Parente, claiming that the effective reduction of the company would have influenced the case.

"With the departure of many workers at PID[Programa de Incentivo à Demissão Voluntária]V, the maintenance staff was migrated to[área de] the production Facilities, including did change management for each of the workers change area, but reportedly has many workers who still have no course of NR-13 (operation and maintenance of vessels and boilers). (…) The Sindipetro-NF has reported extensively this extremely serious situation (…), but the Relative management, rather than restore the effective, makes totally contrary actions, putting Petrobras on risk, "says the note.

Petrobras explained that the production was not affected and that the situation is normal. See the note in full: State

"Petrobras informs that, on Sunday morning, 13/11, there was a small oil leak on the platform P-33, in the Marlim field, in the Campos Basin. The leaked volume estimated is 28 liters, already dispersed by support craft. There was no stopping the production or impact to people or to the platform. The situation is normal. Legal authorities were informed and the causes of the incident will be investigated. "



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