FluidOil and Steam Oil sign agreement on oil technology

The oil production company steam Steam Oil signed a cooperation agreement with FluidOil, independent international company of heavy oil technology, to explore the potential to integrate Viscositor technology Heavy-to-Light of FluidOil in a project of steam flooding in high seas.

The Steam Oil is working on plans to launch the first steam flooding project in high seas. Steam oil has under license or grant a number of heavy oil reservoirs in the United Kingdom, in an area known as the Western platform, some 140 kilometers east of Aberdeen. These findings have a total of nearly 650 million barrels of oil in place.

As a first step in developing this resource base, and to know what's best for flood of offshore Oil Steam steam plans to build a demonstration project of steam flooding in part of the field pilot. More success of exploration could increase the potential recoverable resource base of the Western Platform to more than 500 mmbbls.

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