It was given the drop in the production of the Libra field

The expected production of the pound block, in the pre-salt of the Santos Basin began on November 26th. Production began with long-lasting tests (TLD) through the Libra pioneering platform (FPSO), which will produce, store and transfer oil and natural gas.

Operated by the consortium led by Petrobras, Libra is part of the sharing regime, which means that a portion of the oil that is produced will be with the union. Petrobras reported that 12 wells have already been perforated and that the pound block has the ability to process daily up to 50000 barrels of oil and 4 million cubic meters of associated gas. The expectation of the technicians is that the pound production in the test phase reaches about 30000 barrels per day until the beginning of 2018.

However, the first shipment of oil produced in the area is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2020. According to the sector's information, initiated oil production in Libra, the government should now try to accelerate the possibility of editing a provisional measure so that state pre-salt oil S. A (PPSA) can sell oil from the pound area and other pre-salt regions Under sharing arrangements.

The Libra consortium is operated by Petrobras with 40% of participation in partnership with Shell as a partner with 20% participation; Total with 20%; The Chinese CNPC with 10% and CNOOC 10%. The consortium still counts on the participation of the State company pre-Sal Petroleum (PPSA), which is the contract manager.


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