Cooking gas reaches R$ 120 in the Midwest

The price of cooking gas reached R$ 120.00 in the Brazilian Midwest region, the highest fuel value in history. The brand took place even after the federal tax was zeroed in on the sale of the 13-kilo canister.

On the other hand, the national average price of cooking gas remained stable. Were R $ 83.25 the canister, compared to the average of R $ 83.18 in the last week. It is worth remembering that the last adjustment of the product was made by Petrobras was on March 1.

The Southeast region showed a slight drop in prices, with the canister marking R$ 62.99 this week. In the South, the price reduction was 0.1% (R$ 84.19); and in the Northeast, 0.9% (R$ 81.19). Meanwhile, the North region also recorded prices 0.6% higher (R$ 93.77).


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