Natural gas: government seeks to postpone 39% increase

Earlier this month, Petrobras announced a 39% increase in the sale price of natural gas to distributors, starting on the first day of May. Bolsonaro criticized the measure and then the government has been meeting in search of a solution to the increase. The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), Petrobras, carriers and gas distributors participate in these meetings.

It is noteworthy that the announcement of the increase was made by Roberto Castello Branco, now former president of the oil company. Who currently chairs the company is Joaquim Silva and Luna.

Petrobras had justified the increase as a result of the price link to the oil price and the exchange rate. The devaluation of the real also enters the account. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that natural gas is primarily destined to industry, electricity generation and gas-powered vehicles. Consumption by households corresponds to only 2% of use.


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