GOfit: ANP will evaluate refit's new service

Last Friday (1), the ANP (National Agency of the Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) said in a statement that it has already invited the refit to present gofit’s business plan and thus be able to evaluate the best regulatory format of the service.

The new project, which is a delivery for sale of gasoline and direct ethanol to the consumer via mobile phone application, was much questioned by companies and various agents in the fuel market, since it does not yet have all the necessary licenses or the approval of the ANP.

The former Manguinhos Refinery said the app is “innovation in the fight against delay in the fuel sector”, is unprecedented in the country and “bothers the dinosaurs of the sector”.

In the evaluation of the president of the National Trade Federation Fuels and Lubricants (Fecombustíveis), Paulo Miranda Soares, there is no legislation in Brazil that regulates this type of resale. Already the ANP reported that this is activity subject to the regulation of the Agency, although there is still no specific norm setting the rules for this new type business.


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