Government qualifies auctions as national priority

President Jair Bolsonaro qualified for the federal government’s Investment Partnership Program (PPI) auctions to hire new energy projects and oil exploration and production areas planned for 2019, including the mega bidding of Surplus from the areas of onerous assignment, expected to 6 November.

Qualified projects in the PPI are treated as a national priority, which the Government expects to streamline bureaucratic processes and interaction between public agencies for structuring, releasing and executing the projects.

In the area of oil and gas, they were framed in the PPI, in addition to the surplus auction of the onerous session, the 6th round of bids under sharing regime, scheduled for November, and the 16th round of bidding of exploratory blocks under concession regime in October, Second decree signed by Bolsonaro and published in the Official Gazette of the union this Thursday.

Only in the event of the onerous assignment is the expectation of collecting more than 106 billion reais with the collection of signing bonuses with the winners.

In the electric sector, the auctions of generation A-4 projects, already held on June 28, and A-6, scheduled for October 17th, were qualified for PPI. It was also framed a bidding concession for construction of energy transmission projects scheduled for December 19, which will offer investors ventures that must demand more than 4 billion reais.

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