Government vetoes PL of solar energy tax stimulus

Last Thursday (28), President Jair Bolsonaro vetoed Bill 8,322, 2014, which exempted from tax import equipment and components for solar power generation Photovoltaic. According to the message sent to the Senate and published in the Daily Official of the Union, the Presidency of the Republic decided on the full veto “for contraryness to the public interest and unconstitutionality.”

The bill, which was approved in the House of Representatives in October, departed from the Federal Senate, passed the Committees of Mines and Energy (CME), Finance and Taxation (CFT) and Constitution and Justice (CCJC) and did not need to through the plenary. However, Bolsonaro explained that the Ministry of Economy expressed itself by the veto because it assessed that the proposal does not provide indications of compensation measures for the loss of Union revenue.

The presidential veto will now be reviewed by Congress National by deputies and senators. This is the second measure of encouraging generation of solar energy in the country that the government is not in favor of. The president, recently also criticised ANEEL’s proposal to review subsidies for distributed generation and said that consumption should be “stimulated without taxation”.


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