Government wants to shrink Petrobras in the gas industry

The CNPE (National Council for Energy Policy) attempted to define a new model for the natural gas market in the country, stipulating measures aimed at stimulating competition foreseen in the new program of the federal government "new gas market". The purpose of the resolution is to provide greater openness and generate in the breach of monopoly by Petrobras in the sector.

The government estimates to reduce the current price of the gas offered in the domestic market by 40%, from US $14 per million BTUs (energy measure unit), in three years. According to the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, every 10% reduction in gas value, will result in an increase of 2.1% of industrial GDP. The Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes, also states that if the price reduction reaches 50%, the country may have a 10.5% gain in the economy.

However, the market opening in the gas industry does not depend solely on the measure of the CNPE. It is also necessary to have an agreement between Petrobras and the Council. The expectation is that the oil company signs a new term of cessation of conduct (CBT), similar to what was signed by the parties recently, in which the state agreed to privatize eight refineries.

According to Albuquerque, Cade (Administrative Council for Economic Defense) has followed the discussions and is shown favorable to the reduction of the predominance of Petrobras under the natural gas market. According to information, the organ may require the departure of Petrobras from the boards of directors of companies where it obtains minority participation, such as the state distributors.

To achieve the objective of the program, the federal government must rely on the accession of state governments to the plan of standardization of rules applied to the distribution segment. Paulo Guedes said that the governors of Rio de Janeiro (Wilson Witzel), Minas Gerais (Romeu Zema) and Espírito Santo (Renato Casagrande) are in favor of the break-up of Petrobras ' monopoly in the gas industry. The states are part of the main areas of well in the pre-salt.

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