Government wants to advance in the nuclear energy sector

On Wednesday (09), the Ministry of Mines and Energy presented new paths to nuclear policy in Brazil, with the creation of the "National Nuclear Energy Authority". There is still no deadline for the creation, but the institution will be a regulatory agency linked to the Ministry and responsible for the certification and licensing of projects. The government intends to intensify nuclear activity in the country, increasing annual uranium production to 2,400 tons by 2030.

The government's plans also include opening up to the private sector in uranium exploration, breaking the state monopoly. Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB), which is responsible for national production, has a production capacity of 400 tons per year. INB intends to open new mining as well as adopt more modern processing processes.

Still in an attempt to move forward with nuclear power, the government intends to start operations of the Angra 3 plant from 2026. For now, the works are paralyzed.


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