Government anticipates auctions and Petrobras wants to exercise priority

As reported previously by Panorama Offshore, the Ministry of mines and energy will anticipate a megaleilão to November 2017, in order to attract international investors in the pre-salt areas. Before such information, Petrobras, holds priority rights in Brazilian auctions, anticipated and announced that it will assess the blocks offered to see if exercise priority in bids or not.

Without offering many details, the State President, Pedro Parente, stated that if the company rank the areas such as, no doubt, will exercise its privilege granted by the Government. The anticipation of what will be the fourth and largest bid in the oil in the pre-salt exploration areas, seeks to increase the competitiveness in the country and win major foreign companies.

However, despite the PNA has not yet defined the areas that will be offered at the auction, Petrobras has shown that it may still possess "command" in the bidding in the country and that despite no longer have obligation to participate in all bidding processes, still has the power of the word. Incidentally, for the record, these megaleilões can raise for a bonus in the Union sector that is initially planned 4.5 billion R$ pair, as we talk in advance in article published on February 1. (See:

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