Event on global operations in deep water is coming

The largest submarine in the world event is coming. Held from 21 to 23 March, in Texas, USA, the 17th annual Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition. This year's event theme is "Facing the Challenges" and content addresses new operational issues, challenges and solutions associated with the subsea operations of global deepwater.

It is estimated that more than 100 exhibitors showing the latest products and services in a cost-effective while answering questions about the challenges and trends of the industry. This year, the Advisory Council established a program with over 20 presentations.

The keynote speaker is Greg Withers, director of engineering for offshore projects in the Global Projects Organization Upstream BP. The Safety and Environmental Enforcement Office will discuss their concerns with risers life spans in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information and details about the full program visit the official site of the 17th annual Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition: www.subseatiebackforum.com.

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