AI increases safety of offshore workers

Petrobras is betting on innovative solutions for increase the safety of offshore workers. The newest bet of are Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies created by Microsoft: new high-resolution cameras will detect operational security risks, environment and health with a focus on preventing incidents, as well as errors load positioning, access to restricted environments, among others.

“How people’s safety is an important issue for we think about how we can use new technologies to reduce the risk of accidents in offshore operations. Through innovation, we provide a safer industrial environment, with fewer accidents and, consequently, ensuring operational continuity and increased productivity”, declared the Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Petrobras, Nicolás Simone.

According to a statement from Petrobras, the system is still in the process of tests and image storage in different scenarios to train the Artificial Intelligence. The Microsoft AI solution is connected to the computer vision, when software learns to interpret images.


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