IBP discusses global energy diversification and transition

Focusing on the prospects for the Brazilian and Global Energy Matrix, the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP), in partnership with the Energy research Company (EPE), promoted the third edition of the debate cycle for the transition Energetic. The event was attended by experts from the sector who discussed the impacts of the energy transition on the headquarters of the main countries of the globe.

Edmar Almeida, associate professor of the Economics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), spoke about the need to reduce fossil energy consumption. For him, the state and industry companies play an important role in the energy transition. “To achieve the goals of sustainable development, it is necessary to reverse the history of the relationship between economic growth, energy demand and CO2 emission,” he said.

Giovani Machado, director of economic-Energy and environmental studies at EPE, highlighted the advantages of Brazil in terms of the rapid development capacity of new production technologies, besides relying on a renewable energy matrix. “The new renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy, play a key role in the pursuit of energy security, but they are uncontrollable sources. And how do you power the new renewable and undispatdable sources? The two big bets of the United States and China, for example, are the natural gas and the batteries, respectively, “he commented.

When discussing the energy scenario in Brazil, the wind and solar sources were identified as protagonists. The general manager of the commercialization of natural gas and LNG of Petrobras, Alvaro Tupiassu, reinforced the importance of natural gas in the country, which becomes the focus of the Brazilian energy industry.

For Marcio Trannin, vice president of the Board of ABSOLAR, Brazil has the ability to unite technologies, hybrid projects and is engaged in maintaining a balanced energy matrix.

In the end, experts spoke about diversification and the need for energy matrices to unite different renewable sources, without only a single energy resource.

The next issue of the debate cycle for energy transition is scheduled for November and will address the future of energy.

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