India bet on biofuels

India held the first Test of aviation with biofuels on August 27. A sustainable way for the sector of the country which, with the devaluation of the rupee (Indian currency), goes through excessive fuel spending. The experiment was attended by several ministers of that country, including the Minister of Commerce, Suresh Prabhu and the Minister of State, Jayat Sinha.

The plane took off from Dehradun airport, north of the country to New Delhi airport, the flight lasted 1 hours and was a success. The presentation of biofuel was made on August 10th by Prime Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, as a major achievement in the aviation sector. This attempt was also carried out by Australia and the United States.

Brazil, in the last 10 years, has started to manufacture "flex" cars, with a dual possibility of fuels between them biodiesel and ethanol. There was a jump from zero to 3 million of cars. The largest production of the euphorbiaceous (family plant) was made to the northeast, but did not avenge, because the plantation did not adapt to the climate of the region.

The main biofuels are biodiesel and ethanol and its production is renewable, since biodiesel can be produced from oilseeds, such as peanuts, cotton, babassu and soybeans. Ethanol is produced through sugar cane in Brazil and can also be made of beets, but studies are being carried out for a possible production by the raw material of maize.

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