Investments in the oil and gas sector should increase employability

With the growth in the number of investments in the oil and gas market, the tendency is to increase the employability index in the sector, according to Antonio Guimarães, Executive Secretary of Exploration and production of IBP (Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biocarburants).

According to the Executive Secretary, although the increase is gradual, as well as the process of oil and gas production, the forecast is that more than 500,000 employment opportunities will emerge up to 2020. In the short and medium term, vacancies will be focused on the administrative sector, among them technology, marketing, industrial, finance and logistics. And in the research sector, such as geographer and geophysicist.

The increase in market investments is due to the auction schedule that aims to privatize the pre-salt and Petrobras fields. In view of Brazil as one of the largest oil producers in the world, this current scenario in the sector, which is well seen by private capital, has attracted movement to the offshore market.

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