Itaipu plant has fall in production level

Due to the water crisis, the Itaipu hydroelectric plant, located in Paraná, on the border with Paraguay, had the lowest energy generation in the last 27 years. The drop in the level of production this year is 12% compared to last year's low production, and 35% compared to 2016, a period of better performance.

The Itaipu hydroelectric plant, which has a capacity of 14,000 megawatts of installed power and is the last hydroelectric plant in the Paraná River, has shut down 8 of its 20 turbines to increase the efficiency of the plant. This is the shortest water intake period since its inauguration in 1984.

However, according to representatives of the hydroelectric plant, which has the energy marketed by Eletrobras, "the company continues to fully serve the amounts of energy that are being requested by the Brazilian and Paraguayan electrical systems."

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