Bid on pre-salt promises warm Brazilian market

The fourth and largest bid in the oil in the pre-salt acreage should happen in November. According to the Minister of mines and energy, Fernando Rabbit Son, in Broadcast Grupo Estado, the anticipation of megaleilão, previously scheduled for 2018, aims to attract international investors to the dispute-as the ExxonMobil-who are interested in the pre-salt layer.

According to the Minister, the new measures adopted by the Government, including the change in local content requirements, seek to increase the competitiveness of the country and win big business. The bidding may raise the collection with bonus in the industry, which is initially planned for R$ 4.5 billion.

Still no definition, the areas offered at the auction should be presented in February by the national agency of petroleum, gas and Biofuels (ANP). The November auction must be approved in March, during special meeting of the National Council of energy policy (CNPE).

In addition to this bid, are planned for this year of 2017 new auctions. According to the timetable in May will be for exploratory areas on land (onshore); in June, the areas around four blocks already in operation in the pre-salt (Carcará, Sapinhoá, green turtle and Bobcat, all in the Santos basin) and in September will take place the 14th round in the post-salt marine blocks.


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