Light leads energy purchase at auction A-6

The 30th edition of the new energy auction, called A-6, Happened last week and had Light as the largest energy buyer (Raising 449.1 average MW-average megawatts), followed by Cemig (175.7 MW Medium-sized). The purpose of the auction is to hire the demand to expand the Generation of electricity in the country through varied sources, such as wind, Solar, hydroelectric and thermal.

By the rules of the bidding, you win who offers the lowest price In relation to the floor established in the tender. In total, 91 projects of Generation were contracted, with 44 wind farms, 27 hydroelectric plants, 11 power plants Solar, nine thermal plants, six biomass and three natural gas. These Several areas of the country, with a focus on the development of Bahia (26), Rio Grande do Norte (14) and Santa Catarina (11).

According to Light, the energy acquired will replace contracts Currently in force with maturity for December 2024. Thus, the new Projects must go into operation from 2025.


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