Global P&G market may be under threat

The future of the global labour market in the oil and gas industry may be under threat of tackling a crisis in the coming years caused by labor shortages. This factor may be surprising, but when analyzing the conjuncture, it is easy to understand. The first signs of this problem were recently manifested and were understandably ignored amid the latest oil price collapse that led to hundreds of job cuts in the sector.

One of the regions that already faces the scarcity of manpower is Europe, more specifically in the United Kingdom, which has suffered consequences in the generation of "new talents" in the sector, since the breakdown of oil prices. In a Bloomberg article by Eddie Spence, it was analyzed the reasons behind the scarcity that could threaten the future of the industry, in short, it was noted that they have a strong relationship with the safety of work in the future and "ethical considerations".

It seems, with oil companies making fewer discoveries and not wanting to invest so much in exploitation, consequently generates insecurity on the part of the workforce to qualify in the area. "People are concerned that there will not be so many jobs in the future, especially work related to geology because of a movement of removal from fossil fuels," Spence said.

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