Oil futures market can offer great profits companies

The supply surplus of oil may be coming to an end and if you have been following the latest information on oil and gas in the Offshore Panorama portal already know that this is good news for the market. According to experts, after the agreement of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (Opec) to reduce the production of "black gold", oil prices in the short term, were more bullish than bearish.

According to forecasts of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, among the consequences of the agreement from OPEC's market. This means that current oil prices can start to overcome future prices until the middle of 2017, which would make the oil more interesting in the eyes of investors.

If futures prices of oil will become cheaper than the prices in the short term, the futures market can also attract money offering to investors opportunities to increase short-term profits.

By all indications, the efforts of Opec and producing countries which also joined the agreement will boost the oil market again. The expectation is that if investors deem that can make a profit and that they can return safely to invest in petroleum and rely on the progress of this market.


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