Megaleilão designed by the government can raise R $100 billion

In order to guarantee the collection of up to R $100 billion, the government decided, last Tuesday (11), to forward to the Court of Auditors of the Union (TCU) The proposal of an edict to carry out an oil megaleilão in the pre-salt layer by means of surplus reserves in areas Of the Santos basin ceded to Petrobras. The goal is to perform this operation in the first half of 2019.

The submission of the documents speeds up the process because, next year, the TCU requires to receive data from a new bid with 150 days before the date of publication of the Edict. If the government left to send next year, it would risk the auction being held only in 2020, on account of the court’s time of analysis.

The document will be sent to the TCU without number, because an agreement has not yet been established with Petrobras on the revision of the costly assignment contract. In the year 2010, the state won the right to explore five billion barrels of oil in the Santos basin. That year, companies would pay R $100 billion for the auction for the right of exploitation, and the other R $50 billion a year would enter the public coffers.

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