Pre-salt Megaleilão requires law approval for execution

Last Wednesday, December 12, there was a major setback to provide the Megeilão regarding the surplus reserve of the contract of onerous pre-salt transfer sustained by Petrobras. In this case, it is necessary to approve the 78/18 bill, which is being processed in Congress.

The bill allows Petrobras to grant private state to 70% of its exploratory rights in the pre-salt area. According to Marcio Félix, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, "there is controversy regarding the necessity of the Bill". The theme was debated on the same day at the extraordinary meeting with the Court of Auditors of the State (TCU).

Eunício Oliveira (MDB-CE), president of the Senate, blamed Eduardo Guardia, Minister of Finance, for the failure of negotiations on the onerous assignment that are being evaluated in Congress this year. In addition, he said he considers that the governors will go to justice to ensure that the Union transfers to states and municipalities part of the resources raised with the Megaleilão.

The present Economic Commission shows contradiction in relation to the proposal by Congress, in which they would, according to them, Unfulfill the spending ceiling. Get inside everything that involves the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, onshore and offshore markets. Remember, your business comes through here! Visit: and


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