Megaleilão will need authorization from Congress

The auction of the onerous assignment cannot be carried out without the authorization of the Congress, so the Union will also not be able to make the payment to Petrobras. The decision is of the minister of the TCU (Court of Auditors of the Union) Bruno Dantas, rapporteur on the subject in the organ. The agreement between the Union and Petrobras provides for a reimbursement of about US $9 billion to the state.

The amount will be paid after the sale of the pre-salt fields governed by the onerous assignment contract. However, for Dantas, it is unclear how this payment will be made to the oil company, making it necessary to authorise the legislature to make the reimbursement effective.

On Monday, 6, the Ministers Paulo Guedes (economics) and Bento Albuquerque (mines and Energy) handed to the TCU the complete documentation concerning the Agreement between the Union and Petrobras on the bidding of oil wells expected to happen in October and that Should generate a collection of about R $100 billion to the federal government.

For Albuquerque, there is no need for approval of a bill for the realization of the auction, only a "green sign" of the union. With a date scheduled to take place on October 28th, the government is in a hurry to resolve the obstacles of the bidding, since it is necessary to present the tender notice to the interested parties with 100 days in advance. This means that the federal government estimates to receive the TCU endorsement by mid-June.

In 2010, the Union and Petrobras signed an agreement which, due to the lack of resources at the time to invest in the exploration of the pre-salt, was exclusive to the state oil wells in five fields, in exchange for not dilute the shareholding of the Union in Oil. The contract provided for a limit of 5 billion barrels, but soon after it was discovered a capacity of 12 billion barrels. This surplus, of 7 billion, is precisely what the government seeks to take to auction on October 28th.

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