Minister of the MME makes appeal to the population

After buzzing regarding the lack of a clearer positioning of the competent authorities on the energy crisis, last Tuesday (31), Bento Albuquerque, Minister of Mines and Energy, made a public statement on national network to talk about the creation of the new tariff flag implemented from today (1), due to the worst dry season in the history of Brazil.

The minister highlighted that it is a worrying period of scarcity with the aggravation of low levels of reservoirs. In a speech broadcast on TV and radio, he asked the population to make the use of energy and water consciously so that, along with the measures being taken by the government, the problem can be appeased.

Also in a statement, he stressed that everyone's commitment is fundamental and asked the population to enjoy more sunlight, an appeal that has become a highlight and subject, since since 2019 daylight saving time has been canceled, since according to experts, "they would not result in a solution to the crisis."

Here you can watch the full pronouncement.

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