MME announces refinery and concern in the solution of the costly assignment

In recent years, one of the strongest and respected names within the offshore market, oil, gas and energies is the Secretary of Mines and Energy, Márcio Félix. With its simple and efficient way, it has been presented at the events and seminars of the segment, always pointing the achievement, without postponing nullity for a future, and bringing good news to the economy and the segment players.

This week, he was present in the inauguration of the new Director of the National Agency for Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (ANP), Amorelli, who is a career employee of the agency since 2005, and assumes the board of Directors of operational security and royalties. In the opportunity, Márcio Félix announced that a Chinese company (of the Brazilian market) is about to build a petroleum refiner in the metropolitan region of Maranhão.

"It's a private project that will catch the oil that is exported to China, instead of exporting to China, it will export the oil from Iran and the oil it produces here will process here and supply the internal market," said Márcio Felix.

According to the secretary, the area negotiated with the Maranhão government to shelter the refinery, is the same where Petrobras came to make earthworks to initiate the construction of the Premium I refinery, whose project was cancelled and the terrain returned to the state government.

Concern-Márcio Felix avoided saying that it is still in the "conversations" phase, but that he has "the dream that this will be closed still in the management of the Minister Fernando Coelho Filho, who should leave the briefcase in April," since the project would command resources in the order between us $7 billion and US $1 0 billion and "may have funding from BNDES, but it will be a minority", confirmed.

The Secretary of MME said that the government will present, "in the coming days" the Commission will, along with Petrobras, try to terminate discussions on the costly assignment, and its expectation is that the solution is date yet this year. "If it does not revolve by the end of this year, it will be 2020," explains Felix emphasizing that 2018 is electoral year and, the first year of the next government, would stop the solution from this issue.


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